Tenix and Schaus agree on a three-year partnership for Tenix Bus fleet management

As of December 2023, Tenix, a leader in smartbus and fleet management solutions, has entered into a 3 year partnership with Schaus, a leading bus company in Eastern Norway. Under the terms of the agreement, Tenix will deploy its fleet management system, Tenix Bus, to Schaus’ 50 bus fleet, which consists of both coaches and regular regional buses.

By choosing Tenix Bus, Schaus now has access to such advanced features as Eco-drive driving analysis, which is specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Using the data that Tenix Bus provides, Schaus will now be able to analyze and understand the operations of their fleet, helping them to optimize their processes and make them more efficient.

A highlight of this collaboration is the integration of new-generation gateways into Schaus’ buses. These gateways enable a range of functionalities including automatic tachograph download, crash detection and more. All of these features contribute to making the Schaus operations more streamlined and data driven, but also contribute to a safer experience for drivers and passengers alike.

“We are excited to partner with Schaus and be able to help them analyze and optimize their bus fleet in an easier way. As one of the leading bus companies in Eastern Norway, Schaus is a recognisable and reputable company, and using Tenix bus to make their operations safer and more streamlined is only going to strengthen this perspective.” – Torbjørn Krøvel, CEO Tenix.

For Schaus, this partnership promises to bring many benefits, including improved fuel efficiency, enhanced safety measures and streamlined fleet operations.

“This partnership is exciting for us at Schaus. Our customers use us when they need safe and well-functioning transport. With Tenix Bus, we can now guarantee this fact using data.” – Lasse Aarstrand, General Manager, Schaus.

Tenix bus will be installed on Schaus’ buses in January 2024, and the agreement will be in place for 3 years.

About Schaus

Schaus is one of the leading bus companies in Oslo and Eastern Norway. Based in Vestby, just outside of Oslo, Schaus operates a variety of minibuses, tour buses and scheduled buses. Schaus places a high priority on operating a modern fleet of buses, ensuring that their equipment is of high quality, and that maintenance is done regularly. With a focus on maintaining their excellent services, Schaus are always looking for new ways to improve their operations, whether that be with technology or training.

About Tenix

Tenix is a leading technology company specialized in delivering innovative Smartbus and charging solutions. Its aim is to assist bus companies in understanding the inner workings of their bus fleet, helping them to reduce fuel consumption, energy consumption, charging costs, and much more. With a firm commitment towards environmental responsibility, Tenix continues to evolve its green technology offerings to meet the needs of bus companies now and into the future.

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