Depot staff in workshop, drivers and traffic managers need a data centric approach – giving them an easier and more efficient way of handling day-to-day operations. This is what Tenix Maintenance can do for them. 

Tenix Maintenance

Today’s bus operations have high demands in regard to punctuality and level of uptime. Where in the past a bus operation was primarily about the mechanical parts of the bus, it is now a wide specter of data from the bus, IT components and software solutions that needs to be monitored and maintained. Our ambition with Tenix Maintenance is that whatever part of the mentioned critical parts are gathered at one place – Tenix Maintenance. The product will work as the “software overlayer” where action is taken and historical reports are available.  

The Tenix platform keeps track of each vehicle’s different components. This includes vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components as well as on-board IT systems. If a service or a module is not working or is reporting errors, this is immediately triggering a warning in the system. 

The Tenix platform monitors all the components on a bus. According to the ITxPT standard, each component reports its status via a defined interface. Tenix Vehicle and Equipment Monitoring aggregates all of these, and provides a per bus status as well as details status of each component. In addition, Tenix also monitors anomalies in the incoming data which helps identify issues with components. Any detected issues are also presented. 

If there are any faults in the mechanical or electrical components in a bus this data is available via FMS. On-board Tenix FMS module will read this information and transmit to the Tenix Platform for immediate processing.

Tenix Error Reporting is an incident management feature that supports easy error reporting for drivers and depot staff, as well as efficient and correct problem solving in the workshop. The error reporting is done in an iOS/Android app.