Tenix Dispatcher Operations
Tenix Dispatcher Operations

Using Tenix Dispatcher Operations, dispatchers get an easy-to-use graphical interface for their interactions with drivers, vehicles and charging infrastructure. Dispatcher Operations contain these main features:

- Fleet Tracking

- Charging System Management

- Automatic Vehicle Monitoring

Tenix Fleet Tracking

Tenix Fleet Tracking is the core module for dispatchers. All vehicles and real-time data about them, are shown in a map and tabular views. Features from Charging Station Management and Automatic Vehicle Monitoring are added to these views when applicable.

Tenix Charging System Management (CSMS)

With Tenix CSMS, we offer complete overview of charging infrastructure on the depot. Chargers are monitored and controlled using the open standard OCPP 1.6.

In the Dispatcher Operations user interface, dispatchers can easily monitor the status of all charging points. In case of errors during charging, they can with a single click perform a cold reset of the faulty unit. All error events are instantaneously published by the chargers and vehicles, and used for generating warnings. Such events are also used in periodical reports that can be used by the management or the workshop to review trends of the equipment performance.

The CSMS will also, according to preset smart charging profiles, distribute power to the charging points according to availability in the power grid.

Tenix Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVMS)

AVMS gives an extra layer of control of the fleet operations. In addition to the vehicle level functionality of Fleet Tracking, AVMS gives the necessary overview of how the operation runs according to the schedule, and gives the dispatcher guidelines for when to perform operational measures like cancelling/curtailing vehicle journeys, inserting additional vehicles.