Saga Tenix with unique ROI model
Saga Tenix with unique ROI model

Saga Tenix works continuously with its software products within the operation of public transport. Both in terms of new functionality and usefulness for our customers.

It is therefore gratifying to be able to present the news that we have developed a unique ROI model. Here, in collaboration with the customer, you will enter customer-specified information and bring out concrete savings that customers will be able to achieve in their own operation by using Tenix modules.

Initially, this will be implemented in Tenix Charge but will be continuously applied in all the other Tenix modules.

Here, the following areas are worked on, be able to reduce prices by utilizing energy prices in the market that vary around the clock, reduced energy consumption while driving using Eco-driving, remote operation and control of charging systems, increased utilization of charging systems using a smart charging plan and power regulation , increase the life of batteries by a separate SOH module and reports and analyzes that will provide immediate notification of faults and deviations in the system.